Welcome to the home of Halachically Yours, a workshop and collection of resources for strengthening physical intimacy in the halacha-observant community. In addition to offering new and free educational resources for private reading and community programming, this website compiles halacha-friendly ideas, recommended readings, workshops and source sheets that speak to the strengthening of relationships – emotional, spiritual and physical – within the observant Jewish community.

We welcome any input and are delighted to offer this resource!

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Check out this article in The Jewish Week featuring Halachically Yours: http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/new-york-news/jewrotica-and-sexual-awakenings


Halachically Yours is hitting the East Coast in in February 2014!

Dates: February 21st-February 25th.

Contact: If your Organization/College/Synagogue is interested in booking a Halachically Yours workshop, email Sarah Epstein at Halachicallyyourscontact@gmail.com.